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Job Details: Product Information and Release Specialist

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Product Information and Release Specialist
Full Time Permanent
Operations PMO and Quality
United Kingdom
Principal Responsibilities

The Product Information and Release Specialist will be required to manage and control product release information in AVEVA's Release Management system, and update product and release information on AVEVA's Product Release sites.

In addition, the role will require some administration of business data which is used by the Customer-facing Product HelpDesk systems, which typically involves adding and updating data on products, personnel and companies in the HelpDesk and other systems. The role will also entail support and troubleshooting activities: handling support requests from internal and customer users of the Product HelpDesk system.

Within that scope, working as part of the PIT Team, the Product Information and Release Specialist is responsible for:
• Handling and publishing product releases and associated information in the Release Management system and to AVEVA's Product Support sites (both external and internal).
• Improving and maintaining the Release Management systems and tools.
• Ensuring an effective working environment which enables the managed, controlled publishing of product releases to both AVEVA Internal and External users.
• Acting as check point for all new product releases in that they:
o are correctly named and versioned (with Product Development and Configuration Management / Build teams)
o contain all required information, including up-to-date release notes
o comply with AVEVA brand rules (with AVEVA Corporate organisation)
• Maintaining a master copy of all software released to AVEVA customers. Copies of released software are required to enable the reproduction and resolution of customer encountered issues.
• Maintaining traceability of all software released through the formal release mechanism, internally and to AVEVA customers.
• Maintaining a library of Product User Manuals that are a part of Product release to enable internal AVEVA users to access all versions of the manuals without installing the Products.
• Working with companies acquired by AVEVA to bring their software release procedures in line with AVEVA procedures. (The time taken to adopt AVEVA procedures fully will vary from acquisition to acquisition and may extend to a number of years).
• Maintaining information on released products and versions in the Product Information Database and the AVEVA HelpDesk system
• Ensuring product and release information is presented in a consistent manner, irrespective of its source
• Advising bulletin information subscribers as and when new information is published (in particular, notice of newly-released product versions and planned downtime of the HelpDesk and other support systems)
• Producing reports, statistics and graphs of product release information on demand.

Important Working Relationships

• To work with other members of the PIT team:
o to help ensure internal user and customer satisfaction with product releases
o to support internal initiatives related to improving business systems reporting and functionality
o to handle efficiently requests for support on the HelpDesk and Product Support Sites
• To liaise with representatives from Product Development and CM Teams in order the plan and resource release-management activities for forthcoming product builds and releases
• To liaise with Documentation teams with regard to publishing Product User Manuals as part of the Product release
• To work closely with all Support teams regarding product support status, availability and information.
• To work with other members of the GS Quality and Process Team in the ongoing development of Quality procedures and initiatives to ensure customer satisfaction.
• To work with the Product Support Webmaster and Product Development teams to help ensure consistency of product information, held in the Product Information Database, the HelpDesk and Product Support sites, with other systems
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